Secure Shopping

Secure Shopping

Tres Chic Boutique Limited takes its security very seriously and in particular the use of online transaction for payment.   

Site Secure Transaction by Tres Chic Boutique SSl certificates for paying for goods online.

 The website uses SSL certificates. An SSL certificate shows that the data connection to a Internet page is secured with a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). This ensures that the transferred data cannot be read or modified by thirds. This is particularly important for the exchange of sensitive data.

A website that is protected by the SSL protocol can be identified based on the URL address displayed in the browser. The URL of a SSL encrypted website starts with https://. By securing your website with SSL encryption, you protect both your visitors and your website. In addition, the SSL encryption increases trust with your website visitors and improves your Google ranking.

Note: The encryption strength is up to 256 bits, but the encryption strength actually used between the server and browser is set at the beginning of a session. Only when both support 256 bits, this encryption strength will actually be used. Otherwise, the next lower level is automatically chosen. For this reason you should always use the latest browser version.

Tip: Your visitors recognize the encrypted connection to the lock icon in the address bar of the browser Browsers. 

Paypal Transactions

Users of the website are able to pay via PayPal, as a guest, and therefore no information beyond the name of customer, delivery address and email associated with the PayPal account.


Customers using debit and credit cards can be reassured that as a WorldPay user we have fully complied with Worldpay requirements for operating as an online business.